Club WiFi

wirelessThe Club is pleased to provide free wireless Internet access to its members and visitors.  Please see the restrictions on use at the bottom of this page.

There are two ways to gain access;  If you are a BT Internet customer and have opted into the BT FON / OpenZone scheme you can select the local BTWiFi or BT FON/OpenZone wireless access point and use your BT username and login details as you would at home or you can create an account and use the Club’s WiFi HotSpot.

To use the Club’s WiFi HotSpot connect to the wireless access point; CBLTSC

There is no password required to connect to CBLTSC but you will be prompted to create an account.  When creating an account please retain the details you use for future use of the HotSpot and for use on any additional devices you wish to use.

Important:  Your details are retained and locked to the device you used to create your account they can be used for any additional or new devices that you own but those devices will also be locked to your account.  It is not necessary to create a second account for additional or new devices.

Upon first connection you will be prompted with a similar screen to this:


Click sign up if you do not have an account.  The next screen will ask for some details:


Choose a username and password, confirm your password.  Remember these will be locked to the device you are using to create your account or any additional devices you wish to use.  Check mark the Terms of Use box.

Note:  If you are unable to tick or check the terms of use box it could mean you already have an account associated with the device you are currently using.

The next screen will ask you for your first name, surname and a valid email address.  These are mandatory, the membership number is optional.  Please use valid details, any account thought to be using false or cryptic details will be locked without warning.


Important:  No personal details or data is logged or held by the Club HotSpot other than the details you use to create an account.

Click Continue and you should receive notification of your account creation and your login status:


 You can now click Continue again or wait to be redirected to

The Infobox gives some details about your current connection:


Usage and Restrictions.

From March 12th 2013 Auto-login has been enabled.  It is now no longer necessary to enter your login details each time you visit CBLTSC.  New and additional devices / laptops / tablets etc. can be used with your login details, all new users still have to create an account first.

The system logs all website access and CBLTSC HotSpot account usage with a date and time stamp registered against the MAC address associated with the users device; Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet etc.  However, It does not log or retain any personal data whatsoever, be it email content, email addressing (To / From ), correspondence via Social Media sites (Twitter / Facebook) or any personal details associated with login access to websites, bank accounts etc.

There is no limit to the amount of time a user can remain active once logged in,  however, the system will log the user out after 60mins if there is no activity.

There is no download limit other than the limit imposed by our service provider, BT, under their fair use policy and restrictions.  If a user is deemed to have broken the fair use policy then their account will be locked permanently.

Download speed has been limited to 2Mb / user, and upload speed to 256Kb / user.  This ensures adequate bandwidth is available to the largest number of users during periods of high use.

If there is a problem with your account or you have difficulty in creating one or you have forgotten your details please contact the Club on

WiFi Terms of Use