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Men’s team squash – Season 15/16 Mid-term report

OK, ok. So the reports have somewhat dried up this season. I can’t blame the captains/team reporters who have been excellent at sending through their copy (especially Tim Leslie-Smith) , so I have to hold my hands up. A combination

Men’s team squash – Season 15/16 Weeks 3, 4, 5

I realise that some of you may feel that the reports have been slow in coming, but don’t worry, the sporadic league schedule means you have missed less than you think. As before, the teams have made my job easier

Men’s team squash – Season 15/16 Weeks 1 and 2

I know you have barely digested the preview, but the season is two weeks old so if I don’t get out an update it will all become terribly old news. And in these days of instant media there is no

Men’s team squash – Season 15/16 Preview

OK, so some of you might be wondering why you have to wait until two weeks into the season for a preview. Fair enough. The reason is that there have been a number of changes since last season and I

Men’s team squash – Season Review

With the season finale now a few weeks behind us and the dust mostly settled, we can reflect on a topsy turvy few months since champions from last year 1a got us all underway against eventual champions from this year

Men’s team squash – Week 22 report – part 1

A gripping two part report this week as the season builds to the grand climax on Thursday when the Juniors face the Beaconsfield Bears in a match which could decide the fate of those two sides and the Upstarts. The

Men’s team squash – Week 21 report

Two matches to report from this past week as the Juniors faced Aylesbury in a crunch fixture and 1b faced Gerrards Cross in a largely irrelevant end of season encounter. Let’s deal with the less important one first. A comprehensive

Men’s team squash – Week 20 report

The season is over for 1a and the end is near for the rest of the teams as well. Two teams confirmed safe in division 1 but nothing is certain yet in division 2 so it is going to be

Men’s team squash – Week 19 report

Four matches this week, with only the Seniors missing out. Unfortunately only one win to report, so it is with 1a that we begin. The reigning Bucks league champions found some of the form that took them to last year’s

Men’s team squash – Week 18 report

Another full set of fixtures this week but unfortunately only one victory to report on. Let’s start with the good news, which is a 3-2 win for the Seniors over bottom of the league Aylesbury. So that takes them to