CBLTSC karting championship results!

A big thank you to the 18 brave souls who turned out on Friday night for the CBLTSC karting championship, in what proved to be a fun and competitive evening of racing.

After 9 heats, two semi-finals and a grand final, the eventual standings were as follows:

1st – Pietro Saia
2nd Clifford Fox
3rd Terry Calder

The Fastest Lap was claimed by Terry Calder with a blistering 26.83.

The Pirate award (most Black flags of the evening) went to James Bowen who was sent off twice, despite protestations of innocence and naivety.

The Good Sport award goes to Martyn Fletcher who, despite being black flagged in error and thus missing out on the semi finals, did not demand a stewards inquiry.

Thank you to all the members who supported the event, and to those who attended the race debriefing in the Raj Gate afterwards.

We will look to run it again this time next year.

Nick Huntly