If you were inspired by the great tennis at the Open Tournament last week, then you’ll be pleased that the Draws for the Junior Club Championships are now up on the board in the club house along with a contact list to help in organizing your matches. There is also a copy of the Championship rules.

Please take note of the play by dates for each round in the different events and ensure you play your matches within the time frames. It is the player’s responsibility to organize their own matches.

Winners should write up the results on the board. Please include the scores so that they can be entered for your LTA ratings (only those showing on the board will be entered).

Junior Match format;

All junior matches to be best of 3 short sets with the 3rd set played as a championship tiebreak only. Eg if 1 set all then play as championship tiebreak (1st to 10 point – 2 clear).

A short set is 1st to 4. 2 clear at 3/3, tiebreak at 4/4 (tiebreak is 1st to 7 – 2 clear).

Plate/Consolation events;

Where numbers have allowed there are plate events. This is done based on  losers of their 1st match. (ie if you had a bye in 1st round then your 1st match is the 2nd round match and the numbers should correspond). Players should then enter names on the consolation sheets and play these matches, again check the play by dates. (Please keep checking the board as Jo will keep and eye on it to help).

10&U and 9&U age groups follow the same pattern as older age groups this year so rules as above.

The 8&U can be run as a one day tournament – date to be agreed amongst the parents involved. 2 top players of this tournament to play a final on finals day.

This is a great opportunity for all Junior members to play with other members at the club so we hope you all enjoy some good tennis.

Good luck, we look forward to hearing how you get on!

The Junior Committee