Club AGM – 2015

Notice of Annual General Meeting 2015

The Annual General Meeting of the Club will be held on Thursday 26th November 2015 at 8.00pm in the clubhouse. The Agenda for this year’s meeting accompanies this Notice.

Minutes of the last AGM held on 28th November 2014 and the accounts for 2014/2015 are on display in the clubhouse and posted on our website.

The retiring Club Committee comprises:-
Chairman  –   Stephen Ellis-Jones
Treasurer  –   Peter Jordan
Bar & Entertainments Committee Chairman –   Stephen Ellis-Jones

The holders of all the above posts offer themselves for re-election. During the course of the year Bronwen Cannon stepped down as Club Secretary and Kevin Walshaw volunteered and was co-opted onto the Committee as Facilities Manager. Kevin Walshaw now offers himself for election as the Facilities Manager and Kim Todd offers herself for election as Club Secretary. Nominations for election are therefore as follows-

Chairman  –   Stephen Ellis-Jones
Treasurer  –   Peter Jordan
Secretary – Kim Todd
Facilities Manager – Kevin Walshaw
Bar & Entertainments Committee  Chairman –   Stephen Ellis-Jones

Any other nominations for any of the above posts should reach the Club Manager (via the notice board or email) by 12th November 2015.

In addition to the retiring members, the following officers sit as Ex Officio members of the Committee:-

(Acting) Chairman of the Tennis Committee (Vice Chairman) – Mike Standing
Chairman of the Squash Committee (Vice Chairman) – Peter Dickinson

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting and for light refreshments afterwards.

Yours sincerely,

Stephen Ellis-Jones
Club Chairman


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