Club News – July’13

Dear Members, please note the following:

1.Following recent activities here at the club concerning personal possessions and their disappearance, it was brought to our attention by the Police Community Support Officer during their visit on Friday evening that nearly all the bikes on the club premises were not padlocked! We would recommend that you ensure it is locked up to prevent its theft! There is a special rail that bikes can be padlocked too for this purpose.

2.One our neighbours has advised us that the amount of litter, consisting of plastic cups, empty cans of cola and other small items seems to have increased over the last few weeks. Please ensure your children dispose of their litter in the bins provided? Thank you for your help in this matter.

3.The Pilates classes will carry on over the summer if enough people commit themselves to attending the classes. There is a “sign up” sheet on the entertainments board, which is opposite the bar for you to use, or alternatively, please contact Hazel at:-
Or call Hazel on: 07958649989


Jeremy Sperling
Club Manager