Club News – Summer 2013

Dear member,

I would like to update you on things happening here at the club.

The work has started this week on replacing the green acrylic courts. At the moment, the work is very noisy. Unfortunately it cannot be avoided, so we are sorry for the inconvenience if you are playing during the daytime. The remaining activities for the new courts will still have noisy periods, but it may not be as intense as it is at the moment. As there is more pressure on the remaining courts available for tennis, you may be disappointed in not being able to play as usual, so again, please bear with us on this issue. We will keep you updated on the progress.

Work will start on Tuesday to create a securer environment for the changing rooms. Access to the changing room area will be through a door with a digital lock and access to the toilet facilities will be unsecured.

The club is going ahead with the installation of solar panels. This work will start early September. It will not interfere with normal activities, apart from a short time when the power will need to be switched off so the output from the solar panels can be linked in the electricity meter and the grid. This will happen in the daytime, so it may interfere with squash court bookings, but we will advise you accordingly.

The club has decided to purchase one of these units and it will be operational during next week.

The club is looking for bar staff to start early to mid-September 2013. If you know of any 18yo+ (or nearly 18 soon) who wish to work during evening & weekends (Monday to Sunday), then please ask them to contact myself at these positions are mainly open for people who wish to work throughout the year, not just during holiday periods.

Thank you for your assistance in these matters.


Jeremy Sperling
Club Manager