Club ‘Solar Panel Bond’

The Club Committee has agreed in principle to the fitting of Solar Panels, provided it only requires modest funding from the Club itself.
One idea is to offer a ‘Solar Bond’ to members. For those of you with Green ideals, or simply want to help your Club financially, the proposal is as follows:

1st July 2013 Buy Solar Bond from Club £1000
1st July 2014 Club repays you £200
1st July 2015 Club repays you £200
1st July 2016 Club repays you £200
1st July 2017 Club repays you £200
1st July 2018 Club repays you £200
1st July 2019 Club repays you £200

It would only need around a dozen members to provide the funds to supply and fit a 10MW system. The annual government subsidy would provide the income to make the repayments on the Bond so from year 7 the system would be fully paid up. It would then generate significant savings for the club’s utility costs.
For simplicity, the Club would acknowledge receipt of your funds with a copy of the Standing Order instruction to our Bank to make the 6 annual £200 repayments to you. Nothing would change if you happened to leave the Club for any reason, though no early repayment could be made.

If you are interested in this, please contact Rob Ballingall or Peter Dickinson

On behalf of the Club Committee
Rob Ballingall
Peter Dickinson