Did you know…..

Did you know Squash and Squash Doubles are part of the Common Wealth Games?

England are the Gold Medal winners from Deli in the mens, there’s also a Ladies tournament and a Mixed too.

The Doubles rules and court differ to regular singles. Most noticeable is the court, the doubles court is 27ft wide vs 21ft of the singles court. The court used to be 25ft wide for Doubles but this was changed to 27ft to make it more competitive. I don’t think front and back would work on this court!

The Tin is only 13″ high where in the Mens singles it is 17″ and for the Ladies 19″.

Also the service box is slightly different with a dotted line dividing it into two halves. Service is made from the outer half nearest the wall.  Service is by alternate pairs  IE We have Pairs A1 and A2 playing pair B1 and B2.  A1 serves but looses the point, B1 then serves but also looses the point, A2 will then serve and so on…

There are no Strokes in doubles unless you hit the ball into yourself, if your partner cause the interference then its a Let.  No Lets are common, like in the singles where you must show you could have got the ball.  Also you are allowed to talk and communicate making for some interesting and lively banter! Scoring is PAR to 11 and at 10 All its sudden death, no clear 2 scoring. Eye protection should be worn and there’s an interesting example below!