Mavericks vs Beaconsfield Bulls (away)

For those of you who thought that the absence of reports indicated a cessation in Division 2 squash, fear not! The one and the only Tim-Leslie Smith is back on the case. Tim picks up the story last night when the Mavericks took on Beaconsfield AWAY.

My first match back after a couple of months off did not start well as I turned up at our club rather than Beaconsfield. I knew something was wrong when the match in progress featured Richard Eaton-Hart being marked by Chris Jordan. It has to go down as a “senior” moment on my behalf.

So having turned up rather late I only managed to catch the last few points of Will Piper’s game against the clean cut Joe Budynski. From what I could see of the game there was some great squash being played but I could also see that Will had a vice-like grip on the proceedings. Sure enough within the next few minutes Will secured a 3-0 victory. Not a bad week for the lad having won the Bucks B competition and beating his Dad in the final (I would have been interested to see the family meal after that one!).

Ben Harrison was first on court against the ever deceptive Jo Smalley. After the first game it looked like it would be a formality for Ben, but Jo just kept going and dragged Ben into her measured style of play. Against the odds Jo took the second, but after an uplift in pace Ben was able to take the 3rd and 4th with a bit more comfort. Worth mentioning that Ben had also had a good Bucks tournament, beating Marks Brown and Mellett – both great results.

I was next on against the amiable John. I made the schoolboy error of taking too much notice of the warm up where my opponent could barely hit a ball. Needless to say he was rather different in the match and took the first game easily. After a pep talk from Iceman I improved a bit and was also helped by a string of unforced errors from John. I won 3-1, but it was a woeful display from me. Improvement required asap!

Andy Piper was up against the always lively Ollie. I would have fancied our number 1 in this situation, but Andy was still in recovery from the final of the Bucks B tournament and possibly not moving well as usual. Some quality squash followed, but Ollie is having a strong season and took the match 3-0.

Last up was Captain Ben Boulter against the godly Dan. Heavens above, there was some mad squash going on in this one. Dan seemed to enjoy Iceman’s somewhat eclectic shot selections and threw in a few Maverick moves of his own. Despite the occasional lapse into madness there was also some fantastic rallies in a match where Ben always looked in control. Before long Ben’s dominance prevailed for a 3-0 victory.

So a good 4-1 win for the Mavericks and a return to form. Have to say the Bulls were a bit under strength with Kevin Mears (or Chief Bull as I like to call him) injured and Heather not playing.

Onwards and upwards!