Mavericks vs RAF 18 Oct 2016

A fixture against the RAF is always an unpredictable affair as you never know who will make up their squad. The one certainty, however, is that the resulting match report will contain many amusing RAF references. So tally ho and chocks away!

Captain Ben was first into the air against a lean looking Dan. From the start there was plenty of flak with lots of hard hitting rallies. Ben took the first game, Dan the second. At this point the match became a bit of a dogfight with both players keen to occupy each other’s air space – one point was only settled after 4 lets! As the engines began to overheat Ben pulled himself together and managed to secure the 3rd and 4th. Plenty of turbulence, but a well earned 3-1 start.

Meanwhile Tom had taken off against Jim and started in a high gear, taking the first game comfortably. However Jim fought back to claim the next game and we knew a tussle was on the cards. There was plenty of action packed skirmishes in the 3rd and 4th and the inevitable aerial acrobatics from Tom. Nevertheless Jim took control of the joystick and landed the first RAF win of the night – 3-1 and game on.

On Court 4 I fired up my engines to take on young gun Simon. It was a bumpy start for me as Simon played well and scampered around the court like a supercharged Spitfire. Having conceded the first 2 games it was suggested that I adopted a change of course. So I went for the Chris Jordan training method -floating balls down the walls and generally slowing the pace right down. This sent Simon into a bit of a tail spin and got me back to 2-2. In the fifth I continued at the same altitude and, despite a slight stall at match point, managed to win it 3-2. Classic TLS.

Pete Stevenson is on high flying form at the moment and was up against the unsuspecting Chris. I didn’t see any of the match, though the score card indicates that this was the squash equivalent of assault and battery. I don’t doubt that Chris put in lots of work and played some good squash but he appears to have been overwhelmed by Pete’s superior fire power and extraordinary turning speed. A rip roaring 3-0 victory and another match win for the Mavericks.

Clarkey pulled on the flying goggles determined to do some damage to RAF heavy bomber, Iain Digby. The opening game was a blistering battle with Simon’s hand fully on the throttle – first blood to the Mavericks 9-6. In the second Iain pulled out of his dive and started to wrestle the controls away from Simon. The third game was a close run affair with both players firing on all cylinders, but Iain nicked it 9-7. Iain took the 4th as well to win 3-1, but this was a really superb effort from the Mavericks’ number 1.

Final score was Mavericks 3 (15 points) RAF 2 (9 points) – our sternest test to date. The RAF boys consoled themselves by eating a huge amount of Mary’s food so everyone was happy.

Well played Mavericks!