Men’s team squash – Week 22 report – part 1

A gripping two part report this week as the season builds to the grand
climax on Thursday when the Juniors face the Beaconsfield Bears in a match
which could decide the fate of those two sides and the Upstarts.

The Upstarts themselves signed off their season on Tuesday night with a 4-1
defeat to the Beaconsfield Bulls, only Chris Wildman at 1 managing the win
(3-1 over Harry Wyld) but valuable points picked up by Phil Williams at 2,
Edward Eaton-Hart at 3 and Marcus Paine at 5. So 8 points gained overall.
At the same time the Seniors finished their season strongly with a 4-1
victory over a weakened 1879 side. 3-0 for Phil Cornhill over Chris Butler
at 1, 3-1 for Tim Paul over Paul Grosvenor at 2, 3-1 for Aubrey Waddy over
Roger Hill in a bruising encounter and 3-0 for Ed Ivory over Gill Worgan
continuing his proud record for the Seniors. The 1b match v Aylesbury has
been cancelled so that just leaves the highly anticipated Juniors v Bears

Current league points are as follows:
CB Upstarts – 182 (all matches played)
CB Juniors – 176 (1 match to play v Bears)
Bears – 168 (1 match to play v Juniors)
Aylesbury – 158 (1 match to play v RAF)

On form one would expect the RAF to beat Aylesbury quite comfortably but
that is out of everyone’s hands anyway. What we do know is that the Bears
need to win by more than 8 points to overtake the Juniors and need 14 points
to go level with the Upstarts. It really is all to play for with every game
in every match being potentially crucial.

The match ups are expected to be:

1. Andy Piper v Gareth Ashington
2. Amy Jones v Chris Gildersleve
3. Tom Ormiston v Mike Hicks
4. Tim Leslie-Smith v Dave Fielding
5. Ben Boulter v Alex Speculand

The first fixture between the two sides finished 16-5 to the Bears. The
line-ups were very different back in December but a repeat would see the
Juniors relegated a point behind the Upstarts so both CBLTSC teams will be
hoping for better fortunes for the Juniors this time around.

A special plea now from the captains and from the team members affected –
please please come and support on Thursday. Your encouragement could
genuinely make the difference. Hope to see all of you there.