Squash AGM 2015


The 2015 Annual Meeting of Squash Members will be held at the Club on
Friday 23rd October 2015 at 8:00pm
From 6:00, preceding the meeting, we have arranged an exhibition match involving Tom Ford and one of his fellow professionals. Tom is only 21 and already ranked 14 in England and 78 in the World. He will run a squash clinic for an hour or so beforehand, details to follow, then after a few Q & A’s will take on his fellow professional to show us how to really play!

1. Apologies for absence.
2. Captain’s Report – Richard Harvey – including Team of the Year.
3. Junior Organiser’s Report – John Ormiston – including Junior Player of the Year.
4. League Organiser’s Report – Kate Ballingall – including Player of the Year and League Champion.
5. Membership Secretary and Chair’s Report – Rob Ballingall
6. Election of Squash Committee for 2015/16.

Position Member Years Served on Committee
Chair Peter Dickinson 0
Club Captain Richard Harvey 8
Ladies Representative Janice Pearce 4
Bookings Neal Gibbons 10
Junior Organiser John Ormiston 16
Web Site Neal Gibbons 10
Events Organiser Dominic Thwaites 6
Membership Secretary Rob Ballingall 19
League Organiser Kate Ballingall 5
Secretary Steven Sieff 4

7. Any other business.

Rob Ballingall (Chairman) 2nd October 2015