Squash AGM


Thursday 31st October 2013 at 8:00pm

Meeting commenced following conclusion of exhibition from Emma Beddoes v Amy Jones, Sam Mueller, Neil Hinds and Charlie Yerrell. The matches where very well received.

Chairman Rob Ballingall (RB) welcomed the 60 or so members present.

1. Membership: RB
2. Club Captain: Richard Harvey
3. Juniors: John Ormiston
4. Competitions: Dominic Thwaites
5. League Organiser: Kate Ballingall
6. Chairman’s Report: RB

a. Welcome all
b. Thanks to Matt Yalden for continued sponsorship.
c. Following burglary, lock on changing room doors active at high risk times
d. Highlight club shop run by Sam and Darren
e. Neal Gibbons continuing IT developments
f. Squash triumphed in controversial golf day v tennis
g. Defibrillator now in place. Some member interest in first aid course
h. £1,500 collected from (mainly squash) members and used for solar panels
i. Highest bar spenders in reverse order (responsible for 17% of bar revenue) Mick O’Sullivan, Rich Harvey, David Lockie, John Woodbury, Tom Ormiston, RB, Wayne Scott, Stephen Ellis-Jones, Steve Hunt, Paul Bartington
j. £50k grant received against expectations. To be used on kitchen, gas central heating, showers refurb
k. Election of Committee

RB thanked the committee for their continuing work.
Proposed Steve Sieff
Seconded Janice Pearce

Committee Member w/o portfolio Janice Pearce
The motion was carried unanimously and thus the Committee is duly elected.

7. Any other business

a. Dinner dance upcoming
b. Club AGM upcoming
c. Club night every 1st of month
d. Quiz night Friday
e. Thanks to Jeremy Hill for organising summer Racketball team
f. Thanks from members for excellent exhibition
g. Thanks to RB for his continuing herculean efforts.



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