Squash Membership

Prospective Members

If you are interested in joining, you are very welcome to visit the club to look around, preferably on weekday evenings or Saturday/Sunday afternoons when the club is most active. Annual membership subscriptions are due on 1st September and at other times will be calculated on a ‘pro-rata’ basis.

If you’d like to join, we can set up your membership and payments online so that you can get started immediately. Just call the Membership Secretary, Rob Ballingall on 01494 258693 or email him on robballingall@yahoo.co.uk If you want to do it the old fashioned way with a form and cheque, you can download the Membership Application Form by clicking ***HERE***

Current Members   *** Renewal is via the on-line booking system ***

Renewal 2017 ~ 2018

The Committee is pleased to report that Squash Membership fees will remain the same for this coming year. The early payment discounts will be maintained as in previous years, namely £10 for full members and £5 for all other categories.
However, we will be raising court fees as court booking income is down and these prices have not been changed for 8 years.

These subs are due for renewal on or before 1st September 2017 and we will continue with the collection system adopted in previous years, namely:

(1) There will be an early payment discount.
(2) You are encouraged to pay your subs using your debit/credit card through the squash booking system.

As in previous years, the discount for existing Tennis members is £50 (£25 midweek, Senior and Young / £10 Junior and Country) and the ‘Family Discount’ of 10% applies to parents and children in full time education living at the same address.

The amounts due under the various categories are:

Full                                                           £170 (£160 if paid before 1st Sep 2017)
Midweek, Young (Under 24), Senior        £85 (£80 if paid before 1st Sep 2017)
Junior Plus (U19, no booking restriction) £60 (£55 if paid before 1st Sep 2017)
Junior (Under 19), Country                      £33 (£28 if paid before 1st Sep 2017)
Social                                                       £20 (£15 if paid before 1st Sep 2017)

Debit/Credit Card Payments – Simply log in to the squash booking system as usual. Click on the ‘Pay on Line’ (with the VISA symbol) and you will see a message indicating your renewal amount. Assuming you are happy with the amount click ‘Go to Online Payment’. On this screen you should tick the box to pay your membership fee, choose whether to also top-up your booking pre-payment and select your card type. Click ‘OK’ and you’re back to the usual debit/credit card payment screen.

Family/Tennis members – The appropriate discount should have been applied to existing joint Tennis/Squash members, though please check before paying. However, it’s still too complicated to incorporate the family discount. So if you are eligible for either the 10% Family discount or you believe the amount shown as owing on your account is incorrect, you can either:

(1) Fill in and return a renewal form to me with a cheque for the whole family for the net amount after discounts (Form can be found at the Clubhouse or on the squash section of the web-site www.cbltsc.com), or
(2) Settle each account on-line as above (without any discount) and send me an e-mail (robballingall@yahoo.co.uk ) asking for the discount to be credited to your squash booking account.

Late Payment – The system will automatically block the booking rights of any member with unpaid subs on 1st September 2017. As a last resort, Kate has been instructed to exclude from the October Leagues any member who has still not paid by 30th September 2017.

To minimise administration, this note will be posted on the notice boards and e-mailed to all members on the squash booking system. Only those members who have not paid by 1st September will be sent a letter – so please make our life easier (and save yourself some cash!) by paying as soon as you can.

Rob Ballingall – Membership Secretary & Chairman  July 2017


Squash Courts
There are 4 high quality squash courts, one of which is a glass backed ‘tournament’ court.

Squash courts are booked on-line via the world wide web or via the dedicated booking PC located in the club entrance hall. Members can have 3 peak-time courts booked up to a maximum of three weeks in advance.  There is no facility to book courts via the telephone.

Coaching is available to all members.

Junior activities include inter-club matches, league competition and coaching usually organised on Sundays.

League Play
All members may enter the Leagues to ensure regular play.  The Main League is open to full members and juniors of a sufficiently high standard.  Junior leagues are also run during the winter playing season, while the Summer League is open to Full, Midweek and Junior members.  Click here to view the Squash League Rules

Match Play
Two Ladies and four Men’s teams compete in the Bucks leagues.  Boys and Girls play in teams in the Bucks junior leagues.

Tournament Play
There is an Annual Championship for all categories including Veterans, as well as a Handicap tournament and Doubles tournament.