Squash News – July 2014

More points than usual from the recent Squash Committee Meeting:

(1) Thanks to all of you who completed the questionnaire. You can see the results at https://www.surveymonkey.com/results/SM-NV8L28T8/

To summarise:
– We have no great appetite for changing room renovation, including lockers. We will consider a number of suggestions which should be easy to implement, though – mirror, shower mats and scales.
– Exercise machines have been improved already, as requested.
– Bar food/vending machine – it seems we want healthy options, sports nutrition products, and toasties. These suggestions will be put forward.
– Ball warmer and feeding machine – not wildly popular
– Unfortunately it’s still not clear from answers why non league players aren’t entering the leagues. I always see the leagues as the backbone of our club so would still like to hear from all those members who play all their squash outside the league system. Do drop me a note.
– In general we seem happy with the way our leagues operate. However, for league scoring we will allow members to elect to play PAR 11 (in line with County’s new option for Division 1). The default is still standard scoring to 9, but if both players agree, they can use the alternate system – still best of 5 games.
– and of course the shower upgrade for which Peter is currently obtaining quotes.

(2) Club Night on 1st August falls on a Friday this month. All 4 courts are booked from 6:30 so do come along for a friendly hit with your fellow members – either squash or racketball, both equally welcome.

(3) Thanks to those who have already paid their Squash subs for next year. Remember there is an early payment discount, and any additional cash flow is always welcome at the club!

(4) Congratulations to our new Racketball champion, Wayne Scott (maybe next year Richard!) and also Rob Parry & Dan Glenn who secured their squash doubles trophy for the 3rd year running, beating coach Darren Withey and club champ, Charlie Yerrell in a cracking final.

(5) A couple of reminders highlighted by the questionnaire

(a) if you cancel a court booking more than 48 hours in advance the system automatically gives you a refund. If you cancel a booking within 48 hours you only get refunded if another member rebooks the court.
(b) we run 4 other ‘leagues’ on the system, namely Friendly Matches, Racketball, Mid-Week and Racketball Friendly which can be accessed by a drop down menu when making a league booking. Do let me or Kate know if you’d like to be included in any of these.

(6) Peter Dickinson is the Club’s facilities Manager but would like to hand over his responsibilities after 5 years in post. If anyone feels they would like to take on this important role, do contact either Peter or me. Peter would like to oversee the grant works we are about to start so there will be a reasonable hand-over period to understand what is needed.