2013 Club Championship notes

Thank you all for signing up to this year’s club championships. As usual, the championships consist of 4 sections:
90 in total, a great turn-out. Good job! The draws referenced above are also posted up on the club notice board.

Tweet your results (and any other game anecdotes, re-arrangements etc) on hash tag cbltscchamps and the draws will be updated on-line!


You must organise your own games for rounds 1, 2 and 3. These MUST be completed before the scheduled quarter finals that are pre-booked during the week beginning 22nd April. You have 3 weeks – which should be more than enough time. Please make EVERY effort to play these rounds in good time.
Quarter finals are booked during prime time (7:15 and 8:00) on Tuesday 23rd, Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th. Please make every effort to use these times as allocated on the draws. If you do have to arrange your own alternative time, then you MUST let me know so that I can free up the court. These court times are, as you know, highly sought after!
Semi finals take place from 2:00pm onward on Saturday 27th. Semi-finalists should make every effort to make these times. That afternoon will be a busy time for the club as our Juniors will also be playing their championships during this time. Even if you are not playing, why not pop down to watch some great squash?
Finals take place from 4:15 on Sunday 28th. Finalists must attend their allotted time. The highlight for the evening will be the following matches on our show court:
  • Junior championship finals: 5:00pm
  • Ladies championship finals: 5:45pm
  • Main club championship match: 6:30pm
You are all encouraged to come down to the club and watch the matches on finals day. Awards will be handed out immediately after the main championship match. Please join us then to congratulate our winners.


All semi finals and finals need markers. To this end, I have instigated the following rules:
  1. The two players who get eliminated at the quarter-finals preceding a semi-final are responsible for marking that semi-final. They must decide between the two of them who will be the marker.
  2. The two players who get eliminated at the semi-finals preceding a final are responsible for marking that final. Either one may mark, and the other may volunteer as marker’s assistant.
Please keep me (Dominic) informed as to who you decide will mark the next match, if you find yourself in this position; and definitely let me know if neither of you are able.
Have fun and enjoy the competition!