2013/14 Handicap Championships

It’s another popular year for this competition with 53 players signing up with a wide ability range. Whatever your level, it’s going to be a tough match to come out on top.

Courts have been pre-allocated for Round 1 that starts on Saturday the 19th October. Do not expect your opponent to magically turn up at the appointed hour. You must call and agree your match. If you cannot make the allocated time, re-arrange your own court but make sure you do so before the 3rd November. Here’s the schedule

  • 1st round: By the 3rd November
  • 2nd round: By the 10th November
  • 3rd round: By the 16th November
  • Quarter Finals: 17th November
  • Semi Finals: 23rd November
  • Finals: 24th November

All the pertinent details can be found in the following links and are available on the club notice board:

You’ll see who you are playing in the 1st round from examining the draw where you will also find the court and time that has been allocated for your match.

Please take early action to get your games in and, above all, ENJOY THE COMPETITION!