2014 Racketball & squash doubles

Welcome to all who signed up to this year’s Doubles and RaquetBall championships. I hope you enjoy the tournament. Please read carefully the following notes.


These two tournaments are held simultaneously from June 25th to July 13th.

All rounds, with the exception of the Semi-finals and the Finals must be self-arranged. You MUST ensure that you play these games in a timely manner in order for the semi-finals to be played on Saturday the 12th July. So please start arranging your round 1 games immediately.

Some of you have entered for both tournaments and if you are lucky (or skillful) enough to have reached the semis or finals, then you’d better be fit as they will be played one after the other.

Courts are allocated for Semi finals on the early evening of July 12th and Finals in the early evening of July 13th. Times for the Finals is non-negotiable. You may play your semi-final prior to the Saturday, but please let me know so that I can free up the allocated court.

  • Semifinals: July 12th, PM
  • Finals: July 13th, PM


Both tournaments are scored using the American system (every rally wins a point).

  • Doubles: Play goes to 15 and is the best of 3 games.
  • RaquetBall: Play goes to 11 and is the best of 5 games.


Click on the links below to access the draws:

Once you have played your game, you’ll want to note it on the draws as posted on the notice board. BUT, please also email me your results as I can update the above links with your result so that these can be used as an on-line reference for others to plan who they need to play next.


The Finals require marking. If you are willing and able to mark on the day, please let me know. Clearly, if you end up playing in the finals I’ll let you off. Otherwise, I would really appreciate some volunteers early on so that I don’t have to scramble around at the last moment begging people to mark. Thanks..