2015 Squash Championship

This year’s championships are being held during April 25th to May 10th.

Important note on scheduling: Each game has an allocated court and time and it is highly recommended that you confirm this time with your opponent in advance. If you do not confirm and your opponent does not show, you must re-arrange the game – it does not count as a walk-over. There are several days prior to the competition starting in which you can make alternative arrangements as well as during the intervening 2 weeks of the competition. Before the May leagues get published (this Thursday), the April courts are relatively unbooked and so you are advised to make your re-arrangements before the end of the month. If you do re-arrange you do not need to inform me  of the unused court. Please make every endeavour to play your game rather than giving your opponent a bye.

As advertised, each entrant will be charged £3.50 per competition entered.

Section A Draw

Section B Draw

Section C Draw

Ladies Draw

Each match is the best of 5 using the English (hand-out) scoring system (how you play in the leagues). However, if both players agree the PARS method may be adopted to 11.

Thank you all for signing up and enjoy yourselves out there!

Have a great competition.

Other reference notes:

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