2015 VETS/VINTS/VENS tournaments

Courts for all games have been pre-booked within the period Saturday March 7th to Sunday March 29th.

Please confirm with your opponent that they are available for the scheduled court. If you think your opponent will simply be there, then you are a hopeless optimist and you do not have a right to a walk over. If either of you cannot make the appointed time, then you must reschedule without impact on the continued schedule.

The VETS runs for a period of 2 weeks, finals being on Sunday 22nd with all other tournaments, including the ladies, finalising on 29th March.

You should also be aware that a fee of £3.50 will be levied for each competition entry – this will be deducted from your account early March. Ladies who join the same competition in the mixed tournament will only be charged once.

Games are best of 5, traditional scoring.

Here are the draws:




Ladies VETS

Ladies VENS

Please refer to this schedule for the Finals and their results

Have a great competition!