2016 Racketball & Doubles

Welcome to all who signed up to this year’s Doubles and RaquetBall championships. I hope you enjoy the tournament. Please read carefully the following notes.


We will hold the racket ball semifinals from 3:30pm on Saturday the 23rd July and the finals from the same time on Sunday the 24th July.

The 1st round (quarter-finals) will all have to be played by then.

Due to availability restrictions I am allowing for the doubles tournament to be spread across the months of July and August. You have plenty of time to get your 1st round done during the summer and a suitable date for the finals will be set towards the end of August mutually convenient to the combatants.


Both tournaments are scored using the American system (every rally wins a point).

  • Doubles: Play goes to 15 and is the best of 3 games.
  • RaquetBall: Play goes to 11 and is the best of 5 games.


Click on the links below to access the draws:


The Finals require marking. If you are willing and able to mark on the day, please let me know. Clearly, if you end up playing in the finals I’ll let you off. Otherwise, I would really appreciate some volunteers early on so that I don’t have to scramble around at the last moment begging people to mark. Thanks.