Well done everyone the Championships are going well. Please ensure that you have completed your matches by the agreed date.

Remember that Finals Day is Saturday 24th September – all finals will be played on this day

 Rules & Information

  • The Championships will run through to Finals Day on Saturday 24th September.

  • Details for Finals Day will be posted at a later date. But, please note that the Finals will start at 10.00am. If you are a finalist, please ensure that you are available for the whole day.

  • All finals will be played on Finals Day, without exception – as soon as you realise you are unavailable please withdraw to avoid any disappointment. Please remember that if you lose in your first match you will automatically be put through to the consolation tournament for that event.

  • Subject to entries being sufficient, we will run consolation competitions for those who lose their first match in a particular event. This will be of losers of their first match, therefore in some instances the consolation draw will not be finalised until after the second round, please sign up in the corresponding number and then check the notice board for the consolation competition draw and play by dates

  • Play-by-date: please ensure that the “play-by-date” is strictly adhered to for each round. Any match not played by the due date will be decided by the toss of a coin.

  • Match format: all matches in all rounds will be the best of three normal tiebreak sets, with the tiebreak operating at 6 games-all.

  • Except in the case of the Finals, players shall provide their own tennis balls for matches, which must be of good condition and a recognised Championship brand. Club Play balls must not be used for Championship matches.

  • In the event of any dispute, the decision of the referees will be final.

  • Court Priority is as per the club rules, however, please remember that Club Play has priority during Club Play times and club championship matches can only be played during Club Play if there is a court available. Therefore, please try to organise matches outside Club Play, otherwise you maybe asked to vacate the court.

  • To find contact details of your opponent please refer sheets in the club house

Alison Williams 07973 800185