Tennis Membership Information



    • The 10% family discount applies if two or more people from the same household are joining EXCEPT THAT where a family member only joins as a social member, the family discount does not apply to that member.
    • Where any child under 12 is a member, at least one parent of that child MUST be a social or playing member of the Club.
    • Membership Categories: “Full” means members between the ages of 25 and 64; “Senior” means members who are 65 or over as at 28th February; “Midweek” covers members who only wish to play up to 5.30pm Monday to Friday; for the “Young 19-24” and various “Junior” categories, the correct category that members fall into will be determined by their age as at 28th February; “Country Full” means members who would ordinarily fall into the “Full” category but living 15 miles or more from the Club; “Country Young” means members who would ordinarily fall into “Young 19-24” but living 15 miles or more from the Club or living away at University.
    • In the case of all categories and particularly so with the Junior categories, please ensure that the date of birth field is completed.
    • The Club, from time to time, photographs or films certain events that it hosts throughout the year, the outputs from which are legitimately published in various publications and/or on the Club website as a means of promoting the Club. If a parent does not consent to such usage please tick the appropriate box on the membership form.
    • Coaches take responsibility for the health, wellbeing and safety of children up to the age of 18 at coaching lessons. If children use the club facilities and courts as members, but unsupervised by parents or a responsible adult, this is on the understanding that they do so at their own risk, and the club, it’s members, staff and officials are not responsible for them.

Each individual member or each household with two or more members must complete and return a membership form to the address shown on the form, or if paying by bank transfer you can also scan the form and send by email to:

Payment can be by (a) cash, (b) single cheque (payable to CBLTSC) or (c) bank transfer to the Club’s HSBC account at the Amersham-on-the-Hill branch, details as follows:
Sort Code: 40-08-41
Account number: 81433539 (Chesham Bois Lawn Tennis & Squash Club)

A door entry fob will be issued once a membership has been processed. You will be advised by email when it is ready for collection from the bar in the Club House. The bar is open from 6pm every evening from Monday to Saturday. Provided that you have put credit (*via the Squash Booking System) onto your fob (lowest threshold is £20), it allows you to secure a 10% discount on purchases through the Bar.


For further information on membership please contact:

Jane Freeman, Membership Secretary

phone107860 169150 or

Jeremy Sperling, Club Manager

phone101494 432932

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