Tennis News – Winter 2014 Part2

As promised this is the second part of the first quarterly newsletter and contains information on membership and Club Marque status


2014/15 Tennis Subscriptions due March 1.
Subscription renewal packs have been posted to all members. If you have not received your pack, please download a membership form and current Terms of Membership from the website or pick up a copy from the clubhouse lobby.
We are once again offering a discounted fee PROVIDED THAT you renew no later than March 14th. After March 14th, the full annual fee within each membership category must be paid.

Note for parents: where any child under 12 is a member, at least one parent or guardian of that child MUST be a social or playing member of the Club. Also we ask that parents/guardians sign and return the Photo Consent Form sent with the pack.

If you have any queries concerning your renewal please email or telephone 01494 432932


As usual the Club will be allocated tickets to this year’s Wimbledon Championships. To qualify for automatic entry into the ballot you have to be a paid up member of the Club and be a British Tennis Member (BTM) linked to the Club.

This year the ballot will be undertaken by the LTA in April and all winners will be informed directly if they are successful. Payment should be made to the LTA, who will then dispatch the tickets in late May.

To ensure your contact details are up to date so that you don’t miss out on entry to the ballot log on to the members’ area of the LTA website and click on ‘Manage Account’ and then ‘My Tennis Venue(s)’.

Further information to follow


Is club play for me?

Club play is an important feature of our club on Monday and Wednesday evenings, Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning and reflects our inclusive approach to members. Those who take part welcome everyone whatever their age or experience. If you are new to the club, or returning to the game, then we realise that playing with others can be intimidating. However club players recognise this and will make allowance to ensure that you enjoy playing.

It is about taking part. That is not to say that it does not get competitive and the later sessions on Monday and Wednesday evening see competitive play. If you want to progress then playing with those who are more experienced and more accomplished is the best way to improve your game. So for established members club play is the ideal way to develop your game if you have had coaching and now you want to try things out, and for all it is a really good way to exercise and meet really nice people.

If you want to know more about Club Play then contact Martin Baxter on

What is Club Mark?

Club mark is a standard and indicates to club members and other organisations, including schools, that a sports club conforms to national standards determined by Sport England. We achieved the Club Mark standards in 2009 and are about to complete our reapplication. This time the standards are more stringent because we have to ensure that LTA policies and procedures are in place. The ones that effect most members are concerned with your welfare, including child protection (Denise is our honorary welfare officer), we comply with legislation on equalities, our coaches are qualified to approved standards, our playing facilities are good, and we have a playing programme to meet the needs of all members. These policies are displayed on the CBLTSC website.

The most significant change we have to make to renew Club Mark accreditation is to change the CBLTSC constitution which must incorporate a commitment to the LTA policies and procedures. This will require an EGM so that members can approve the change. We will let you know when this is arranged as we do hope that there will be a good turn out of members at this short meeting to approve the important changes.


The plan is for a quarterly newsletter. As this is the first there is a lot of information to impart so I confess it is a little lengthy.  But we recognise the importance of more regular communication with the membership and hopefully you will see some real improvements.

There are a number of plans in the pipeline to engage with you for your views so watch out for;

Web based surveys – we need to know your views on a range of topics
A new electronic information board at the club house
Plans to make it easier to use the fob based bar payments system
More regular team news on the web site
Improvements to the web site
More use of social media
More regular social events as we want to encourage the use of what is a fantastic but under-used facility – our club house
A host of other initiatives over time

Finally thanks for taking the time to read this. Please feel free to come back with any ideas, comments or initiatives. After all this is your club.